Wednesday 16 May 2012

Moving Back To Lim Chu Kang

Meanwhile, my father and few other neighbours were planning to move back to Lim Chu Kang. By road, it was some 10 miles via Choa Chu Kang Road  and then Lim Chu Kang. But there were no means of transport available so we had to hike all the way on foot. We not only walked but had to carry all our belongings as well.

We first trekked to the junction of Woodlands Road and Choa Chu Kang Road. There was no Bukit Panjang Road then. We crossed the railway and made our way to Sungei Peng Siang. Here my father borrowed a row boat and rowed all of us in batches to Kranji River, across it and then walk across a pineapple plantation near Neo Tiew Road. A distant relative lived there. We stayed there for the night as ferrying the whole big contingent of us took my father the whole day.

My two elder brothers went back to our old home and managed to restore two of our bicycles left behind. They then used these two bicycles to help my father transport the whole lot of other stuff home, making many trips. We were glad to find that some of our chickens and hens still survived after being left alone for two months.

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