A Poem

This poem was written by me when I was attending Boys' Town English School in 1955 - Ang Leng Sze


Five boys from Standard Seven
Went up a Hilltop at eleven
The Hill was high
The leader was I
It was deep and full of lalang
It was the hill of Bukit Panjang

Higher and higher we did get
Lower and lower the Highway set
'I am tired,' said Siak Khoon
'Don't worry we'll top soon.'
Chang Moh and Kee Seng did say
'Come on!' said Poh Wah in gay

Soon we reached the top
Here we made a stop
We sat on block of rocks
Took off our shoes and socks
Eleven o'clock was just the time
Up an old Fort we did climb

Here on the highest point we did sit
Feeling uncommonly well and fit
Looking at the scenes below
Vehicle on road seemed slow
Houses were like boats at sea
The jungle's a plantation of tea

To North was the town of Johore
To south was the city of Singapore
Many songs then we did sing
We felt happier than a king
We were boys from Standard Seven
As well as angels from Heaven

By Ang Leng Sze, 1955

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