Saturday 12 May 2012

Falling Into A Well

It was morning and my mother was busy preparing to cook food for feeding the pigs. It was a big job. She had to cook food in a specially buit container with the capacity to hold one cubic metre. She had to draw water from a nearby well to pour into the cooking container. I don't know why I was crying out for attention at the time. I kept yelling and crying. My mother just carried on with her work filling up the container and fetching more water from the well.

At one point, I remember rushing at her, missed, and fell headlong into the well. The next thing I realised was that I was wet, shocked, and frightened. But someone was holding me up. That person turned out to be my mother. She had fallen into the well with me!

Somehow my wonderful mother managed to keep the both of us afloat. She shouted at my second brother - who was eight years old then - to fetch my father who was working some 200m away in a vegetable plot. They came quickly to get the both of us out of the well. Fortunately, both of us were not hurt. I could never forget how great my mother was that day saving me like that.

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